Password security, hashes and rainbow tables

My attempt at explaining how passwords are stored, how hashes work and why it’s important to use difficult passwords and use different passwords for different websites.

Fluke 8846a 6.5 digit multimeter teardown

I had an opportunity to play with Fluke 8846a. It’s a defective unit so can’t do a proper demo, but here’s a quick teardown and parts list. This multimeter retails for approx 1400 USD. Here’s an overview: 6.5 digit resolution Basic V dc accuracy of up to 0.0024 % Dual display 100 μA to 10 […]

Mastech / Extech MS8211D pen type multimeter review

I decided to check out the pen type multimeter by Mastech, model MS8211D. I was pleasantly surprised it did not explode or burn when I tried it on all ranges (except milliamps) while it’s pluggen in into 110 VAC mains. See specs and video review below in the full post.

Bosch PS31 vs Milwaukee M12 2410-20 3/8 in 10mm cordless drill test

I recently got a hold of new and improved Bosch subcompact 3/8″ drill model PS31. Unlike PS30, it comes with new BAT412 batteries which are based on Samsung SDI 13Q cells (same cells as Milwaukee uses in their M12 line), smaller body and more torque.  The following picture is PS31 (left) with PS30 comparison.

Senco Fusion FN55AX 18ga cordless nailer in action

ToolHacker got a chance to try out the new Senco nailer. It uses a 18v battery and a unique nitrogen chamber energy storage for firing. The motor winds the piston, compresses the nitrogen and then compressed gas pushed the piston when you pull the trigger. Recovery time is FAST, I’d say about 400-500ms. Battery is […]

Bosch PS50 12V GOP 10.8V-Li Multi-X Oscillating Tool


Bosch, Dewalt, Makita, Milwaukee, Ryobi, Ridgid, Hilti battery specs

Intro There is a handful of cordless power tool manufacturers out there, hundreds of various types of power tool batteries. Electric motors are the muscles that run power tools, and batteries are the heart of any tool. Battery plays a crucial role when it comes to power and runtime. As a result of marketing wars […]

Who makes tools for Sears Craftsman brand?

Ever wondered who manufactures tools for Sears’ Craftsman brand? Craftsman model number is recorded as xxx.zzzzz, where xxx prefix indicates who actually manufactured the product. The following list is partially outdated. Some codes are assigned to 2 or more manufacturers, some manufacturers have 2 or more codes.See the complete serial number guide to find out: […]

Makita BML184 vs Dewalt DC527 18v work lights

With any type of work, you run into a situation where you need an artificial light source. Typical jobsite lighting are halogen lights running off power grid or a handheld   “shop” lights. The drawback is that you have to drag a cord everywhere, can burn yourself with incandescent light and grid power is not always […]

DeWalt DC390 vs Makita BSS610 18v cordless circular saw

Wanted to compare 2 cordless circular saws I have, which are DeWalt 18 volt DC390 (2.4 A*h XRP NiCd battery) and Makita LXT BSS610, 18 volt (3 A*h Li-ion battery). I charged the batteries and started cutting 1/4 inch slices off a 2×4. DeWalt made 78 cuts before battery died, with first 70 cuts at […]